Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Resource: The Venerable Bead

I'm at my aunt's house in Mississippi for Thanksgiving, surrounded by food and family. I hope everyone is having a great holiday (especially my husband who's stuck at home working)! But I wanted to take a minute to show off a new piece of jewelry.

My mom got me this beautiful bracelet, which, full disclosure, was handmade by my cousin. But I have a huge family so blood alone isn't enough for my endorsement! ;)

This bracelet is gorgeous. The variation of color in the beads is amazing, and I can see it fitting in with so many of my outfits (it's shown here with another gold bracelet).

You can choose the color of leather cord, plus the beads that you want. I chose Tiger Eye and gold on a medium brown leather. Now, I admittedly chose mine based on looks, but it came with a card to explain the benefits of each stone. Apparently Tiger Eye converts anxiety and fear into practical logic, so I chose correctly!

The prices are really reasonable too. $25 for a single wrap, $40 for a double, and $80 for a triple. And you give your wrist measurements so it's pretty much a perfect fit. I usually have an issue with bracelets being too big so I really appreciate that. These would also would be a perfect Christmas gift for the ladies in your life.

You can e-mail her at to get your own.