Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OOTD: Chill is in the air

It's actually like 65 right now but we're getting a cold front, and the temperature is going to keep dropping this afternoon.  That can only mean one thing - boots.

It's Fall!
Scarf and sweater are both last winter from the Gap.  The sweater has clear sparkly beads on the shoulders but they don't photograph.  It's a nice touch for a grandpa sweater.  Tee from J. Crew - love this color for fall.  Jeans from Gap.  These are the always skinny in the new brown denim and I LOVE them.  The fabric is soft, almost velvety, and the fit is great.  They're pretty thin, closer to a legging jean.  The bag is by Liz Claiborne from 2007 (I know the date because I bought it as a graduation gift for myself).  Boots are by Frye.

Oh hi socks
It's hard to see in this picture, but in the back where my boots dip down, you can see my socks.  They're black with brown and gold flame stitch, and so cute - Missoni for Target.

I was running really late this morning
Jewelry is pictured here.  Watch is Timex for J.Crew.  I thought about buying a band for it that was a little darker than the sweater I'm wearing today and now I wish that I had.  It was on sale for $10.  Compass necklace from AE.  Thin bracelet by Christine Fail on etsy, owl ring from Urban Outfitters (wearing it on my right hand).

I'm really happy with this overall.  I love the colors and am always happy wearing these boots.  The sweater is a little too big, but I like it too much to stop wearing it.

Is it getting cold where you live?  I heard it was like 70-80 in some of the places that were buried under snow a just a week or so ago!