Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've wanted a tattoo since before I turned 18.  The desire has never really gone away, but I've never been brave enough to do it.  I actually walked into a tattoo parlor around 19 or 20 with my brother and then walked back out.  It's a really good thing too, because I would have ended up with pi or my boyfriend's horoscope symbol somewhere on me (it's also my dad's so I convinced myself that would be okay?).

In the past couple of years I've gone through some stuff, and I'm ready to do it.  My husband is going to do it with me and that no doubt helps.  We can't get them done until we come back from vacation in a little over a month because of healing.  But we're really excited, and I've started to notice just how gorgeous tattoos can be.


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Or just hilarious

I seriously considered getting something chemistry related AND personal.  I love wrist tattoos and my job has no problem with them, you know as long as it's not on your face or anything.

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A serotonin molecule brings in my love of chemistry and my career, and as well as my illness.  I also considered a phrase, "that was then." on my wrist.

But in the end, I've decided that the best placement for me is on the tops of my feet.  I wear ballet flats like 90% of the time.  So they would usually show, but I could cover them with tights, mocs, sneakers, whatever if I needed to.  I love my feet, weird I know, and I think I'll be happy drawing attention to them.  I do that enough with my shoes.

So what is going on my feet.  I'm going to have a design across both feet.  An opened cage on one foot, with escaping birds across both feet.  I felt trapped for so long, and this will remind me that I've escaped once, I'm free, and I can do it again if I need to.  And let's be honest, it's just pretty.

Pretty much exactly like this.


So tattoos?  Love them, hate them, indifferent?  Do you think they're the norm now that the younger generation is getting to be more prevalent in the working world?  Obviously I'm a fan.