Wednesday, March 21, 2012

form vs. function

This morning, I realized that there's a definite difference in the way people view certain items.

I have to say, I never expected this coming from my sneaker obsessed husband.  Just as an aside, our credit card information got stolen a few weeks ago and what tipped the company off was a $500 charge to a sneaker website.  When they called to ask if that was a legitimate charge I honestly had to think for a minute whether he would have bought that many pairs of sneakers.

But, the point, when it comes down to it, what goes on my husband's body must ultimately be functional.  I think most of us are somewhere on this spectrum, and I think I'm more practical than a lot of people (considering my absolute aversion to heels).

But today is our first big spring rain.  It will be a big, long, soaker, lasting all day, producing floods, tornadoes, a big clusterfuck that happens all the time in the spring and summer and ultimately is the reason that our city is so beautiful and green.  I did think about this when I decided what to wear this morning.  And I settled on cropped black jeans, a black and cream striped tee shirt, and a cotton cardigan.

Which was fine.  But my husband apparently had an issue with my shoes.  My idea of dressing for the rain is choosing leopard calf hair ballet flats that can withstand getting wet instead of suede.  On my way out the door he asked if I had my rain boots in the car.  I do, just like I do most of the time this part of the year.  But I don't plan on using them.  Cold damp feet are and okay trade with me in exchange for cute shoes.

Now to be fair, if I was planning on doing any extensive errand running in the rain today I would be sporting my Hunters and an umbrella.  But just normal outside exposure, the flats are fine.

So where do you stand on this spectrum?  Are you with me, in the rain with slightly wet feet?  Or are you firmly in the function camp, in a raincoat and boots?  Now I have to tell you, when it's cold, all bets are off for me, and I'll be in as many layers as possible, no matter how little they match.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Because they give you an excuse to go crazy buying adorable clothes?

I don't have a little girl, but if I did, I'd be hard pressed not to pick up a piece or two from the latest big name capsule collection, DVF for Gap Kids.

Honestly, this is a GREAT pairing.  DVF is about easy (if a lot expensive, flattering clothes for working women.  Gap Kids is about easy (if a little expensive) adorable clothes for kids.  Bam.  Do it up.

I've been known to dabble in the little girl's section for inspiration, and I am absolutely loving these prints.

A blouse in that bright green stone print?  Yes please.  But shrinking down the iconic wrap dress and making it into a romper for little girls was so smart.  Kudos on that.  The $55 price tag is not so kid friendly, but I bet a lot of grandmas will splurge on this one.

It's interesting to me that they made this dress short and so short-waisted.  They definitely won't have any petite adults squeezing into these.

My favorite is this t-shirt dress.  Such a great color/print and a simple cut.  Very DVF.  $45.

They also offer some very cute shorts and leggings, swimsuits, and some unfortunate rompers.

But what is any childless fashionista's favorite part of a kids' capsule collection?  The shoes.

These espadrilles are pretty darn cute.  The criss cross even reminds me of some of the more iconic DVF wedges for women.  I wouldn't mind having a pair for myself, but I'm holding back.  They're already sold out in the 6, but they still have 5s available.  (I'm a women's 7.5, on the smaller side of that size, and I can wear a kids' 5).  At $45 they're a pretty good deal.  I love the heart print and the color.  They're available in all sizes in a pink splotchy print, and completely sold out in black except for size 12.

These printed hi-tops, for $40, I love.  Love love love.  That print is just adorable.  They're already sold out in 5 and 6, but if you have teeny tiny feet or, you know, an actual child you may still be able to snap them up.

The graphic tees and tank are also selling out quickly, especially in the larger sizes.  Hopefully some of this stuff will be available for kids!

A preview sale is up right now for Gap cardholders.  The sale hits stores and will be available to the public online tomorrow.  Hurry before crazed tiny women buy it all!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Radio Silence

Sorry I've been kind of MIA lately.

I'm working out some personal stuff and trying to get more stable.

Random things that have been happening:  I'm obsessed with the anything blush.

I went to New Orleans to meet some girlfriends this weekend, and we saw Harrison Ford!  He's there filming Ender's Game.  But he was just walking down the street talking on the phone.

No pictures, because we're a bunch of spazzes.  But here's some penguins we saw at the aquarium.

They were pretty adorable.

I'm hoping to have material soon.  Or, I'm hoping to actually make posts about material I already have soon.

Here's a picture of my cat to top things off.