Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buy this: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I really love nail art and having a great, clean manicure.  But I am just physically incapable of doing my own nails.  First, they are super short.  That's my own fault for chewing on them, but it makes things difficult.  Second, I'm just kind of spazzy about it.  It probably comes from the fact that I haven't really practiced, never did my nails as a teenager.  The result is that I'm shelling out $15 every time I want my nails done.

No more.  I'm taking a day off to relax today, and I picked up some Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips at Target last night, in case I felt like trying them today.  Well I just spent about 20 minutes applying them, and I am smitten.

Look how cool I am with my miniature globe
I picked Lustrous, which is a shiny black base with silver and gold glitter.  I think this is a style that might be too much for everyday with longer nails.  But with my stubs I think it works.

My Target sold the strips for $8.50, and they didn't have all of them available.  Personally I can't wait to try Tweed-le-dee, Check It Out, and Stripe-Tease.  They also have solids, and Debu-Taunt looks like a really great color.

I think they're worth it at close to half the price of a manicure.  We'll see how they look over time, but I've already framed and hung a picture, which can be rough on nails.  And they still look perfect.

I did my left hand first, and learned that erring on the size of too large for the strips was better.  I have more complete coverage on my other hand.

Each kit comes with 16 strips of various sizes so you can find that perfect fit.  It comes with all the tools (nail stick and a special file) that you need for application.  And it was definitely fool proof.  I ruined one strip and just started with another one.  I am definitely a believer, and am going to be using these pretty often.

Maybe it will keep me from biting my nails!