Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hi there

I love beautiful things.  Sometimes slightly odd things, but beautiful in my eyes, nonetheless.

I spend a huge amount of my spare time reading about, thinking about, making, or buying these things.  So I think talking about them is probably a pretty good idea too.

I had a blog about the process of decorating our first home, but now that it's mostly done and I've got other things on my mind, it's pretty much dead-neglected.  Like a sad pot of petunias on my front porch in the heat of summer.  But I still have things I want to say.  I'll write about what I wear, what I buy, what I want, what I find lovely, and probably what's not so lovely as well.  But fashion and home design fit together so well, so I might as well put them both in one spot, right?

Today, I leave you with this iron pig.  He's telling you that you should come back sometime.