Thursday, April 26, 2012


I normally hate Tod's, but these loafers are screaming my name.
Tod's Suede Loafer, $355

After they're done screaming PINK! and WE'RE TOO EXPENSIVE.

Again, I don't need any shoes.  Certainly not any that cost $355.  But a girl can dream, because that color is amazing.

I don't wear heels

Like, ever.  My feet are just made to be flat.

But these pumps from the new J. Crew Style Book (seriously J. Crew?  If it's put out by a retailer so I can purchase the clothes within it's still a catalog) are making me reconsider if the pain of heels is worth it.

Mona printed pump, $248
They're navy silk (the picture in the catalog does them better justice), but what pushed them over the edge is the tiny anchors.  These would be the perfect accent for an outfit that's on the planer side of things.

It will be VERY rough on me resisting these.

Cece printed flat, $148
I DO NOT need shoes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to reality

Last week, Brett and I snuck off on a quickie vacation to Mexico via Carnival Cruises.

Here we are, still in the Mississippi River waiting to push off.  That's one of the twin spans in pront of me, and I was laying directly underneath the other one.

It was a great trip.  Incredibly relaxing, fun, with nothing to do except lay in the shade (I'm pale, yo!) and drink fruity drinks.  I'm back at work now, with nothing to show for it except a nasty necklace induced rash on my neck and a few cheap Mexican bracelets (20 cents each, kind of a steal).

I'll get around to getting the real pictures off my computer and editing them soon (thank god picnik came back in the form of picmonkey).  I have some frames to fill anyway.

As gaudy as the boat was, there were some things I found inspiring.  The white and royal blue color scheme on the sunny decks and all the smooth wood hand-rails.  The sun-faded wood decks.  The dusty blush, lavender, and gray tiles in our stateroom's shower.  The washed out colors of the Spanish style homes in Merida.  Beautiful.

I finished my book and slept on the deck, and managed to get away with just a minor sunburn on my shoulders from playing minigolf on the very top deck in a tank top.  I learned how to play roulette and won enough money to be a little giddy about it.  And I enjoyed my husband.  But it's over and now I'm at work again, and there's no deck chair in the sun where I can enjoy my lunch break.

I've recently decided I'm taking on a new, big (for me) project for the summer.  I'm going to make my first quilt.  After talking to my grandma who teaches quilting, I think I'll send it off for finishing and binding.  But just making the layers is enough for me.  I'm making a baby quilt, not because I'm having a baby anytime soon.  But because it is small.  And small is good for a first timer.

My inspiration is going to be an abstraction of the color wheel.  I'll start with a few white square in the very middle and move outward from there with colors that blend into one another.  I hope it looks cool and not cheesy?  Fingers crossed.

Like this (from quilter fromthebluechair)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OOTD: Dogs and Denim

I had such a great time at my cousin's wedding this weekend.  Such amazing style everywhere!  Their friends are seriously cool.

Today, after driving home from Austin on Monday and staying up late to see Brett, and then staying up late last night for pottery class, I'm a sleepy bunny.  but I'm very happy to have some new outfit options after an Old Navy sale snookered me back in.

I feel really happy today.  I think it shows.

Here's a close up of the dog print on the shirt and the pleated neckline (and my elephant necklace.  Love this shirt!  It was super cheap at Old Navy.  It also has a really cute scoop back with a bow and puff sleeves, but no pictures of that.

I wore my normal jewelry, Bhati beads, a thin gold bangle, a red leather braided bracelet, and a yellow bangle with my gray diamond ring.  I like to mix a lot of color in with my jewelry.

This outfit has definitely perked me right up for this rainy spring day!