Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Go Shopping - London

In just four weeks, I'll be hopping a train from Amsterdam to London to start the second part of our Epic European Vacation 2011!

I am so excited for so many reasons.  I can't wait to share this experience with my husband, who's never been overseas.  I can't wait to spend an entire week with him uninterrupted.  And I can't wait to see London again, and spend more time in Amsterdam - this time for pleasure, not business.

I'm also really excited about the shopping.

We'll probably do a little bit of shopping in Amsterdam, just because we like to have a reminder of places we visit.  We bought this plate from Fish's Eddy as an addition to our kitchen plate wall, and a reminder of our honeymoon in NYC.  So we would love to have a piece of art or something small from Amsterdam.

But in London, I'm planning to do some damage.  We don't have Topshop, H&M, or Zara in Louisiana (well, pretty much in the South).  Although I can go to Zara in Houston and do a couple of times a year, so that's at the bottom of the list.  I feel similar about H&M.  I'd really love to go in London, and I'm sure I will if I'm near one and I have time, but with a new one in Dallas, I know I'll have an opportunity to go sometime.

Topshop is a definite must for me.  Even if I just stop in and shop accessories, I have to go.

This shirt shows as out of stock. but I hope that's just online.  It would just blend right in with my clothes.  I think the chances of finding it in a London winter are probably slim to none, though.  I also assume the prices will be different over there, so this shirt probably isn't the equivalent of 36 USD in pounds.  Probably more expensive!

Topshop Tribal Print tee $36
I love this top too.  I think it would look so great with tons of stuff.

Topshop Oversize Spot Tee $75
I love the silhouette of this tank (vest!) and it comes in a million colors, but I'd have to see the fabric in person before deciding whether to spend the money on it.

Topshop Zipback Vest $56
They also have what look to be pretty great basic tees.  But here is the problem that I have with European clothing manufacturers (read:  Zara):  I don't want to have to lay all of my clothes flat to dry.  I LOVE Zara's linen tee shirts.  But they're not linen, they're viscose or polyester or something.  So I invariably end up putting them in the dryer on accident and they shrink.  They still fit, but now they're just like regular tees, not super awesome long and drapey tees.  It's just a conspiracy to get me to buy more since they cost $10.  And it's working.

Where I'll probably really go crazy at Topshop is in the accessories.  I really don't need a new bag.  My gray leather satchel is just fine.  But I love this color blocking.
Color Blocked Doctor's Bag $160

Jewelry is definitely my weakness, and I will buy some there.  These two bracelets are just SO lovely.  I would pick them up in a second if I saw them.

Lamb clamp bracelet $30

Swinging Monkey Bracelet $35

And just for fun, some leather driving gloves.  Why?  Why not.  The color of that leather is reason enough.  I think these are out of season though, sadly.

Tan leather driving gloves $???
 Outside of the megastores, though, I do want to hit some smaller places.

Like Kabiri, a jewelry store that has plenty of expensive stuff, but showcases up and comers for those with smaller budgets.  Like this simple red braided bracelet.  They also have some skull bracelets really similar to the one from Bhati Beads that's on my Christmas list, and at a similar price point.

Bracelet by SCOSHA
Another place I'd love to check out is Aria for home decor.  Their prices tend a little higher, but I think this tray would be a really great addition to our plate wall.

Colorful London Tray by Maria Holmer Dahlgren
And these salt and pepper shakers are so funny.  A little spendy for me at 70 pounds but so great,

Salt and Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
Liberty and Selfridges could be great places for us to get most of our Christmas shopping done.  I'll be nervous leaving it to the last minute, but I think our family would prefer that we pick stuff up over there.

And before anyone asks.  Yep, we're bringing an extra suitcase.  I'll be posting about packing light sometime in the next couple of weeks.