Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OOTD: Wet Hot American Fall

It was rainy and muggy today.  It's supposed to cool down again tomorrow, but for today, bare legs were definitely in the picture.  I'm obsessed with this cardigan I got a few weeks ago from J. Crew.  And I need a sweater in my office even when it's well over 100 degrees outside.  Plus, I loved these colors together for fall, even if it is hot out.

Aww, fall colors (this is a joke for my bro-today is his 29th birthday-love you Beau!)
I love, love, love this dress.  I got it from the clearance rack at our J. Crew store, so I'm not sure of the style name.  But it's so flattering on.  The waist tie makes it a little drapey in the chest in a good way.

Dress, cardigan, watch, bracelet - J. Crew.  Shoes - Gap.  Necklace - ??.  Ring - Urban Outfitters.  Kitten belly - Sadie

These are leaves.  I always think they're feathers until I look at them closely.

I thought for a long time about where I got this necklace, and I can't for the life of me remember.  I think it's either Target or Forever 21.  But it's a few years old, so that's not going to help anyone.

Actually on time this morning!
I'm obsessed with my watch.  It was a birthday gift from my parents, and they did a fabulous job.  It's a great boyfriend style.  My husband actually asked for the cheaper version (Timex Weekender) for Christmas, since I wear mine too much for him to borrow it.

I got this bangle on sale at J. Crew a while ago, they were running a promotion to buy three and get all of them for 50% off or something similar.  I chose this shell pink because I thought it was a little unexpected with the other colors.

Fox or weasel?  You decide
Here's a terrible picture of my ring from UO.  It's a fox, I know.  But my husband swears it's a weasel.  I think we're both projecting what we perceive to be aspects of our personalities onto the rings.  You know, because I'm foxy.

I'm loving wearing summer clothes while I can.  And I actually already packed my clothes for our upcoming trip, so my options are a bit more limited at this point.  But it's making me reach for pieces I might not have otherwise, like these leopard shoes.  And mixing it up is always a good thing.