Friday, May 18, 2012

Pumped up kicks

And they're not ballet flats.

I got them a week or so ago, and I've worn them on a few long walks and to Zumba class yesterday (my first time - SO MUCH FUN).  I would say they aren't for everyone.  I have pretty flat feet and I prefer a really minimal amount of support.  That's why I wear ballet flats and flat as a board sandals all the time.

These shoes have a little bit of support in the arch and a bit more through the heel.  But they're not bulky, heavy, and they're pretty soft and flexible.  I love them for general exercise use.

Plus they're pretty swell looking.

Onitsuka Tigers are by Asics and most of the styles are unisex.  They come in lots of materials.  Mine are mostly leather with suede accents, but my husband has a pair that I think are suede all over.  I'm a huge fan of all the different color combinations available.  Check zappos for all the different configurations.  I think anyone could find one that works for them!