Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get in bed

My husband has been complaining about our bedding FOREVER.

He doesn't particularly care about how it looks.  Although I think he has vague positive feelings about that.  It's a very layered, gray look.

(Heads up, I'm a West Elm bedding fanatic so expect lots of links to WE in this post)

It starts off with these sheets.  The Organic Ikat Sheet Set, with a white background and a charcoal gray pattern.

Next we layer on this herringbone woven blanket.  It's no longer available, sadly.

Then, the layer that's the big issue for my husband.  The duvet.  We have the Stripe Duvet Cover in gray.  It matches our cat.

It has ties inside but Brett is always annoyed that it's not perfectly lined up and there's always extra space around the edges.  It bothers him so much that we were looking for a way to get rid of it.

OH, let me also note that we have the stripe Euro shams, and a couple of standard shams in the Chevron Pattern.  I'm a fan.

So, what were we to do about this.  We decided we needed to get a quilt.  We would keep the herringbone blanket and layer a quilt over it (I'm not a fan of comforters, I'm grossed out by them for some reason).

I got a little reward gift certificate from work this week and as soon as I got that west elm card in my hot little hands, I was ready to purchase.  Between the reward and some West Elm Design Dollars we had, I was able to pay for the entire quilt.  I also got some shams in different patterns (we'll be keeping the chevron but dropping the stripe entirely I think).

I'm super excited about it.

But I'm also excited about the fact that my bed won't just be white and gray anymore.

Nope, white, gray, and coral baby.

This is the quilt we chose.  I love both sides, and love the red orange (they call it coral) color.

They even show it layered with our sheets on the website!

I can't wait for it to get here so we can enjoy it.  Of course, the art over our bed will seriously not go, but we've been out of love with that forever now.

I also got a great kitchen rug on super sale for $14.  It's also coral.  I'm so excited!