Monday, May 7, 2012

Dressing Room Reviews: The Shops at Target - The Webster

When I heard about the Target Shops concept, I thought it was definitely a cute idea.  It wasn't executed exactly how I pictured.  I was thinking more like the Bodega event, with everything together.  Not just an endcap in the beauty department, an endcap in the grocery section, etc.

Overall, I was disappointed.  The candy from The Candy Store didn't look appetizing at all.  I don't know if it was packaging or what, because the huge suckers were cute, they just didn't look good.  The beauty stuff from Cos Bar was just not my style, but I expected that from the previews.  The Polka Dog Bakery stuff was cute, and I could definitely have seen myself picking some up if I had a dog.  I especially liked the bowls and the mat (which I might get to go under our water bowl.  I don't like how many grooves ours has).

Privet House was the most disappointing to me.  I didn't expect to buy anything because it's not really my style.  But honestly, some of it looked really cheap.  And I don't mind cheap, I just want it to look like how much it costs.  But for example, the woven poufs, they looked CHEAP.  And the notebooks SAID Privet House on the front.  I probably would have picked one up if not for that.

My favorite of the shops was The Webster.  Loved the colors, the loud prints great fabrics and really flattering cuts.  It was a great line and mostly well priced.

This first tank top I tried on was a lot more flattering in person.  Or at least I think it was.  I loved the print.  It was $24.99

  Here's a close shot of the print.  I adored this print but I decided not to get this shirt.  You'll see why.

Tank #2, adored it all around.  It's a trapeze cut, racerback, super comfortable jersey in a cute print.  Perfect for summer.  I bought this one at $19.99

Wah-wah.  Unflattering dress.  Would have been much cuter a couple of inches shorter.  This one was $29.99.  SUPER comfy though, if you're taller it would probably work.

This is why I didn't get the tank.  I loved, loved LOVED this dress, and it was in the same print.  So I picked this one up for $42.99.  So comfy, perfect for work.  Perfect summer dress.

I loved the pattern on this dress like crazy, and I wanted it to work.  It was so butt skimming though. I reall liked the length.  If you have a great ass, go for it. 

Last was this navy eyelet skirt.  It was the first piece I picked up and what made me decide to go for this collection at all.  A great staple for me, and the perfect length (it's probably too short for work if you're in a more conservative office, but it's fine for more casual offices).  It was $29.99, and Target can't spell eyelet.

I also got this top but I didn't try it on.  Just loved the print.  My other favorite piece was the sateen jacket, but they didn't have it in my size in the pink.  I'm really tempted to order online.  It was REALLY cute in person and looked expensive (as it should for $50).

One thing I really appreciate about this collection.  There are a lot of styles that are easy to wear with bigger hips.  That's not the case for a lot of the capsule collections.  Also, this is I think the first collection that has plus sizes (and petites) available online.  So check there if you're looking for your size!