Monday, February 13, 2012

Yay for mail!

I usually don't get anything good in the mailbox, with the possibility of Netflix.  And that's been a part of my life for so long now, it's not a big deal at all anymore.  Isn't that sad?  Someone is delivering movies to my house in one day.  And it's just meh.

I mean, we get tons of packages.  Our FedEx and UPS guys probably think we have a problem or are running a business or something.  It's so easy to click "buy" online, right?  But I rarely get fun stuff in the mailbox.

But today, I had not one, not two, but three great surprises waiting in my mailbox.

First, we got the paperwork and materials to send in our old iPod Nano.  Seriously, I got this thing in college and I can't believe Apple is replacing it with a new one.  But I'm super psyched.  I know I'll have to wait a while to receive it, but I'm excited to get it started.

I got two things that will help ease my shopping freeze pain.  Apparently the purchase of our desk put us over the edge and we got $25 in credit at West Elm.  I'm super tempted to get the dipped side table.  It's on sale for $60, which is a kickass deal.  They have it in both colors, but I think I'd go for the white.

I should use it on gallery frames, but most of the white ones are on backorder.  And since we'll likely be driving through Houston to my cousin's wedding, I'm going to try to convince Brett to stop at Ikea for Ribba frames.  I'm fine with them since we have so many photos we want to frame.  I'll probably end up getting a couple of the biscuit tins, but they're no longer available in orange.  We'll see, but having the ability to even window shop is fun.

Now, my favorite thing in the mailbox, the J. Crew gift card!  I knew this was coming.  My office has a program where if you make extra effort, you get rewarded with gift cards.  It can be anything from teaching classes to cleaning up a bunch of old files.  I got this for leading the effort to write a big new document.  I didn't think it was that big a deal, but I'll take it!

So now I have a hundo to spend at my (probably) favorite store.  It's a tie with Anthro, but I'm excited for a little bit of reprieve in my shopping freeze.  I knew from the beginning that this might come up, and other people's money doesn't count!

I've already decided what I'm getting - two items that were on my must list from the spring collection.  first this enamel locket for $50.  It also comes in a bright yellow, but it looks like it's a slightly different shape, and I just love this one.  This mint color is very pretty too.

Second, the chambray tunic.  I really wanted the navy, but it's already sold out.  In like a week!  But I was thinking the lighter blue would be more versatile.  I figured I could rock the Canadian tuxedo with it, but the navy would probably be closer to the color of most of my jeans.  I think either of them will look great with black jeans.  This picture doesn't look great, to be honest, but the fit looks great.

I'm really excited to get these and wear them.  I love this program at work, because it really makes you feel like you're rewarding yourself (I paid for the bulk of my Frye boots saving these up).

Today is a good day!