Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, as an old married lady I'm supposed to be cynical about Valentine's Day.  I am to a certain extent.  We don't do a big dinner out (we had Mexican at a place down the street on Saturday night to celebrate) and don't do major gifts.  I got Brett some nice skin care stuff, he got me the Lego garbage truck set (yes, we're children, and we're cool with it).  But no grand gestures needed on this day.

Still, it's a day to celebrate love, and I have plenty of reasons to smile today.  I have a wonderful, funny, devoted husband.  I have an incredible family.  My sweet little cousin is getting married on Friday and I can't wait to celebrate with her this weekend.  Another cousin is getting married in a month or so and we're excited to plan our trip to Austin, to toast a super fun couple (they biked from the top of Alaska to South America together before deciding to get married.  Super fun people!).

My life is full of love and I think it's a great day to stop and recognize that.  There are so many things to love in the world.  Even if the list seems a little ridiculous, here are some of the things I love today.

  • my cats
  • my clutch wallet
  • J. Crew t-shirts
  • my mom
  • ballet flats
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Pinterest
  • my happy pills
  • afternoon naps
  • tacos
  • pretty lingerie
  • piles of bracelets

Obviously in no particular order, and not exhaustive.

Someone pointed out that my outfit today is kind of festive.  I actually forgot it was V-day until my husband told me after I was already dressed.  So I guess this is my subconscious coming out.

Aww, you can see the huge ass pimple on my face.  How nice.  I'm approaching Kelly Kapowski territory here.  I should have painted my whole face red and pretended it was festive.

Don't worry I don't actually have jaundice!

I hope everyone is having a great V-day!  I'll leave you with this, the card I gave my hubs, who has been there for me every step of the way.  Even when it wasn't easy.

It will be framed above my desk pretty soon.  A good reminder of all the love I get to experience every day.