Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's J. Crew Catalog Day!

Actually, it was yesterday.  But now I've had time to go through it and let me just say, it's a good thing I'm on a shopping freeze.  Because it's really great.

But even on the freeze, one of the great things about the J. Crew catalogs are the styling.  This one showed some great ideas for layering and makeup that I'm excited about.  So how about we break this down into categories.

First, here are the items I will surely be buying.  Possibly willing to pay full price for some of these.

Chambray Bayou Tunic, $59.50
I want this tunic (shown with the Nolita Jacket, $98, Summerlight Terry shorts, $42, and the Tillary tote, $328) so bad, I am going to have it even if I have to pay full price.  I want it in the color shown, Navy, but it also comes in white and a lighter blue.  I can see wearing this with my black skinny pants.  Definite buy for me!  The price is actually really good in my opinion, rarely the case for full price at J. Crew.

Vintage cotton tees $29.50-34.50

These vintage tees are hands down my favorite basic tee.  I usually catch them on sale, but they are worth the price.  The white especially, it's not super heavy and not too sheer.  I'll get one of the stripes, most likely the navy or red (the stripes are an extra $5).  I also love the red and henna (which is kind of cut off at the top), and I really need a gray one if I can get my hands on it.

All of these.  I'm going to get all of them.

Okay, not really.  I already have the classic leather and the Cece suede (in a bright lemon yellow).  I wouldn't mind getting another pair of the classic leather But one pair here really caught my eye.

Mila flats, $138

I may not have looked twice at these if not for the gorgeous color (they're calling it neon peach).  But I love the colorblocking on the toe cap and the neutral banding around the foot.  These will be a gift to myself sometime this spring/summer.

Broken in Boyfriend Chino short $49.50
Though I'm not the biggest fan of boyfriend jeans, I love a good boyfriend short.  Add in the great color selection (the Vintage Amber, on her, is my favorite) and I'm in.

I also love this navy and white striped jacket.  It's the Merriweather Jacket, for $128.  My favorite detail is the epaulets, which don't show up great in this picture.  And I love the fact that it's cotton, so I would actually be able to wear it occasionally.  This will be a pass for me though, unless it gets marked down drastically.

This picture though, is so great.  I love her coral lipstick, which was repeated throughout the catalog and looked great on all the ladies.  I also LOVE the color combo going on her, especially the amber with that dusky purple.

Natasha blouse in watercolor floral, $98
I have the Natasha top in a dusty lavender, and although I only paid about $30 for it, I think they're worth the original price ($88 for solid, $98 for prints).  The texture of the silk is really wonderful, and it's fully lined.  I love this print so much, I would consider it at full price.  I just don't know if I want two of a blouse that has a kind of distinctive cut.

That's it for what I see myself actually considering buying.  But there are some great items that I just don't need or can't justify the price of.  These might make their way to me during final sale.

Toni Oxford Loafers $268
I just can't swallow this price for something that's not a neutral, classic piece.  But I absolutely love these, the color and the style.  I really, really want a pair of oxfords, but I think I can find some I like just as much at a much lower price.  Sidenote - this model's legs are actually normal.  I think it must be the angle I took the picture that's making her look like a little girl with very large feet.

Cashmere Isabel Sweatshirt, $248

I love, love, love this sweatshirt.  The fit looks great, and I love this persimmon color.  But I can't stomach normal cashmere prices in my climate, much less $250.  I bet it's cozy though.

Lillian Dress in Watercolor, $198
I actually don't think this price is too high for a lined, wool/silk dress.  I bet that cut is super flattering, and the print is gorgeous.  If I needed a dress right now, I'd grab it.  But I just don't.  Boo.

Now the last category - images I found really beautiful but just don't see for me, or something like that.

Love this layered look, especially the red with the chambray
Not jazzed about the head to toe look, but the printed peplum top is great!
Love these new Indian Cotton shirts from the men's section, could see me or Brett wearing them
Boy's shoes, I would love a pair of the black and white Sambas.  I also love the colors on this page!
I love the shirt and skirt in the same print, and the length of the skirt is great.  Also, this model is gorgeous!

These colors!  And I'm still not sure I can pull it off, but these look like a great way to ease into printed pants.

Overall I really enjoyed this catalog.  I'm going to have to get some light coral lipstick after seeing the paler models pull it off!  Does anybody else geek out about catalogs like me?  Or am I alone?  It's really only J. Crew and West Elm that do this to me.  And because I can look at their stuff online like any other retailer, I think it's all about the styling.  They both have great styling that makes me want to look not only at the products, but the bigger picture.