Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dressing Room Reviews: Jason Wu for Target

Today being my husband's birthday, I thought I should definitely drag him to Target with me to check out the Jason Wu collection.  Definitely high up on his list of desired activities.

After viewing the lookbook for this collection, I was definitely excited to see it.  I knew, though, that it's pretty easy to make cheap clothes look good with lighting and good photography.  So I was curious to see what they looked like in real life.

I'm happy to say that I was pretty impressed with the collection as a whole.  The standouts were definitely the dresses and skirts, but there were some great tops as well.  I was really wanting to check out the yellow peplum top, and while they didn't have it in my size, I loved the one I saw.  The texture is really great - something you can't see in the pictures online.  It's kind of nubbly?

Anyway, here are some of the items I DID get to try on.  I'll list prices if I can find them, but the in-store only items don't list prices online.

The first thing I picked up was this blue floral dress.  I'm so glad I did because it was so adorable on.  Very flattering (only if it's belted, without it was really shapeless).  It comes with that cute golden yellow belt, which really gave it some oomph.  This one was hard to let go of.

Jason Wu for Target Navy Floral dress - $39.99
Next I tried on one of the long sleeve sheer blouses.  My store didn't have the white one with the black tie at the neck, so I tried on the blush color with tiny dots.  I thought this one had some fit issues.  It gapped at the bust for me, and my boobs aren't that big so I can imagine it would be a real problem for a lot of women.  I loved the sleeve and the ruffle at the chest, so it had some really great qualities, but not a favorite.

Jason Wu long sleeve sheer blouse

The next item I tried on was a short sleeved blouse with a tie at the neck.  I loved the color and the tie, as well as the fit.  But the closures were snaps, and cheaper snaps that seemed to come undone pretty easily (like when pulling it over my head).  A pass, but only because I wish it was a little sturdier.  This would be adorable with a black skirt.

Jason Wu short sleeve dotted blush blouse - $34.99
I also tried on the red and navy stripe tunic.  I loved everything about this.  The fit, the sheer layer around the neck, the stripes.  It was definitely something I could see myself wearing a LOT.  I think it was $22.99 but the price isn't listed online.

Jason Wu short sleeve striped tee
I tried on another tee as well - it was cream with a tie around the neck in the wheel print.  Very cute, but the tie came undone when I was putting it on and I couldn't get it tied in a cute way.  I liked it but didn't love it.

Jason Wu short sleeve tee with tie - $22.99
And the last item for my first jaunt to the dressing room was a navy floral tank top with a sheer yoke.  This was one of my favorite items.  Super flattering, loved the boxy cut, and the sheer swiss dot was really fun.  I would be annoyed about the bra strap situation though.

Jason Wu sleeveless top with sheer panel
When I came out of the dressing room, the lady told me to put the stuff I didn't want on a specific cart - that happened to be filled with items that people had discarded!  So lucky me, I got to try on three of the items that I was really looking forward to.

The navy floral pleated skirt was one of my favorites.  These skirts are super flattering, and I was really impressed by the quality.  I could definitely see this one falling right into my wardrobe.  Overall, I think the navy floral items were my favorite.

Jason Wu navy floral pleated skirt
The dress I wanted to see most was the striped sit dress with the black tie at the waist.  It didn't disappoint.  I loved the citron colored stripes on the neutral blush base, and the slim cut was really cute.  I also really loved the little accent stripes in lace.  The detailing in the collection is really what shines.

Jason Wu sleeveless pleated dress - $39.99
Bodice detail

Last, I snagged one of the cycle print dresses to try on.  I didn't really expect to like this, as I thought the pearl neckline was a little over the top.  But as soon as I had it on, I loved it.  It was a little twee, with the wheel print, the high neckline, and the pearls.  But I could definitely see it for work, and I loved the sleeves and the colors.

Jason Wu short sleeve printed cycle dress
Overall, I would say all three dresses, the skirt, and the red and navy top were my favorites.  I would have bought all 4 if not for the spending freeze.

As it was, Brett offered to buy me one of them as a V-day gift.  i almost took him up on it, with the belted navy floral dress - even got in the checkout!  But I ultimately decided to stick with the freeze and leave them all for someone else.

This is probably my favorite Target designer collection so far, considering only clothes.  Yep, even better than Missoni - which was really hit or miss for women's clothes.  The accessories in this collection (I saw two of the woven bags, the blue floral bag, and a blue floral scarf) were cute, but the clothes were definitely the stars!