Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sad day

I'm a fan of my outfit today (bright purple mullt hem skirt, black and white stripe tee shirt, favorite gray sweater, standby watch and bracelets, and my coral captoe flats).  But something is missing.  I jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and ordered two of the bubble necklaces.

Since I didn't pony up $300 for these, of course they're knockoffs from China.  And that means it will be a while.  But for some reason (no idea why since their shipping estimate window is like a week and a half long, although it ends tomorrow, who knows) I thought they would come tomorrow.

I thought the turquoise would be a classic that goes with a lot.

But I loved, loved, loved the two tone coral.  I'm totally obsessed with pink, especially coral tones.  And although I kind of stayed away from this trend for a while, as soon as I found out this color was available I jumped in.

Gorgeous, right?  And I think the slight differences (the turquoise is supposed the be faceted ) will be cool too.

This has started a full on obsession with bibs and collar necklaces.  I'm usually very picky about what I wear.  Long, brass or gold chains with pendants or small clusters.  That's it.  But I love the color and cheeriness these bring to outfits.

But now I really, really, really want the milky white one.  Really.

If you're into colorful jewelry, check out bauble bar stat.  The prices seem really competitive, and all the color is so enticing.  Here are some of my obsessions.

Tangerine Triad necklace, $32
Tangerine resin links, $58
Candy Spike Collar by House of Noble, $110