Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm having a months long, well documented love affair with pink.  And I'll be honest you guys, I think it's TRU LUV 4EVER.  I remember a conversation I had with Brett once about my favorite color being gray and he said, no your favorite color is pink.  And I think he's right.  It's always been pink.  I just didn't want to submit to the girlyness and frillyness of it all.

But there's another color that's always been high on my list.  I took these pictures in my office on Friday.  And I realized, if I'm in a space that's mine, I'm never too far from flame orange.

From top:  my shirt, a painting I made for our house and moved here (also at right), my new calender

And the funny thing is, I know I wrote a post on my old blog (gray background, by the way) about how awesome cool toned colors are and how much I love them.  And I still do love gray.  But I also want to paint my bedroom pink and I'm seriously considering making some heart patterned fabric on spoonflower for pillows.

I'm in my late 20s, still young, but I feel more sure of myself and my style than ever.  Maybe some of the stuff I like is juvenile.  But maybe it's joyful, too.