Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend says Relax

These photos are actually from LAST weekend.  I got hit with some really bad nausea and was out of commission most of last week, and a girls' weekend in New Orleans pushed this post back, well, a while.


 Waiting, bitten nails

Morning snack, my favorite milk

Snoozin' on the couch

Shaking it at Zumba

With my new Zumba skirt

Oh, yes

Used zucchini from mom's garden to make a big batch of muffins.  SO GOOD!

Squash for dinner

And zucchini with meatballs.  This is a quick staple, and we're having it again tonight.

I love these long weekends in the summer.  Full of naps and simple meals and just relaxing.  Just perfection.