Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple. Summer.

I love the relaxed pace of summer.  Everything takes longer when it's 100+ degrees, right?  After work, I might have yoga, I might go home, or I might stop at the store to see what looks good.

We tend to stick to simple suppers in the summer.  Something one of us can get on the table in around a half hour.  I prefer less of a focus on meat, but that doesn't always happen.

These onions and bacon were on their way to becoming a cream sauce for spinach.

Creamed spinach doesn't really seem like a dish that screams summer.  Not in flavors, not in heaviness.  The cream, the cheese, the bacon, they're not on the same page as a plate of cheese and strawberries (another weeknight favorite).

But the fact that I just had to slice an onion and chop a few slices of bacon, then throw everything together on the stove?  Perfect.