Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OOTD: Dogs and Denim

I had such a great time at my cousin's wedding this weekend.  Such amazing style everywhere!  Their friends are seriously cool.

Today, after driving home from Austin on Monday and staying up late to see Brett, and then staying up late last night for pottery class, I'm a sleepy bunny.  but I'm very happy to have some new outfit options after an Old Navy sale snookered me back in.

I feel really happy today.  I think it shows.

Here's a close up of the dog print on the shirt and the pleated neckline (and my elephant necklace.  Love this shirt!  It was super cheap at Old Navy.  It also has a really cute scoop back with a bow and puff sleeves, but no pictures of that.

I wore my normal jewelry, Bhati beads, a thin gold bangle, a red leather braided bracelet, and a yellow bangle with my gray diamond ring.  I like to mix a lot of color in with my jewelry.

This outfit has definitely perked me right up for this rainy spring day!