Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Special delivery!

From Cambridge!  I knew it was there, because my husband is sick as a dog and was at home most of the day yesterday.  But still, I was super psyched to get home and see it waiting for me.

It was wrapped up in this cute little cotton bag.

I loved it from the first second I glimpsed that yellow through the bag.

The detailing, stitching, buckles - all gorgeous.

But here's the problem.  I knew from reviews that this thing was not deep AT ALL.  I wanted a small bag, so I wasn't worried about that.  But for someone used to being able to carry anything from a sweater to a pair of shoes in my bag, It's an adjustment.

So I pulled everything out of my big gray bag.  And laid it out on the table so I could decide what to keep and what to put elsewhere.  In the must carry category, there was my (giant) wallet, my journal and a pencil, a Baggu zipper bag with my meds in it, and my phone (not pictured since I took this photo with it).  My sunglasses fall into this category sometimes, but I generally keep them in my car.  In the not necessary but useful category we had hand cream (a large tube, not travel size), a compact umbrella, and a small bottle of pain reliever.  In the "why the hell am I carrying this around everywhere" category, we have a turquoise leather bracelet I bought at Zara, a bottle of melatonin (I only take it at night.  Why do I keep putting it back in my purse?), and my home decor reference notebook.  That thing never proved as useful as I thought it would.

In the end, I settled on just the necessities, plus the hand cream.  When I get done with this tube, I'll pick up something smaller that will take up less space.

Dude, pf course I carry a moleskine.  Even half-assed hipsters like me consider it a necessity.  I shifted things around a little bit (laid my wallet horizontal, with handcream and keys on top.

About to head out the door to pick up Outback.  We live down the street and their curbside is just too tempting.  Hence - why I'm in my pajamas.  It occurred to me as I walked out the door that this act would be illegal in Shreveport!  Obviously this was a state-based pop culture reference.  Obviously.

Point of this post being - this bag is awesome.  And not too expensive, so if you're considering it, buy one!

I'm getting busy on the prep for my cousin's bridal shower.  And having a really fun time planning everything.  I just ordered invitations and paper for crafts this morning, and I'm loving the color scheme (my new bag would fit right in).  But unfortunately the date that works best for the couple is the weekend before Fat Tuesday.  Which means no Spanish Town parade for me.  I was so psyched that I now own the perfect clothing item for the parade - my flamingo skirt.  I was ready to pair it with a hot pink shirt, pink tights, glittery pink shoes, and my self made glamorous headpiece.

Maybe I'll just wear that to the shower instead.