Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm pretty sure I'm in a full on obsession with pink.  And red, orange, and yellow.  I think it's interesting that I love brighter, warmer colors and patterns when I'm in a better state of mind.  But guys, this is more than just a crush.  This is a love affair.

Here are some things I'm obsessed with lately.

Pink suede loafers from the Gap.  $40.  They had yellow ones with tassels too (I DIE FOR THOSE) but they're already sold out.

The pink wash on this pottery by Dawn Vachon via Design Sponge.  A GORGEOUS color.

A large scale polka dot in bright pink, from spoonflower

A painting by Emily Rickard.  I am obsessed with the colors.
Ankle boots from Zara.  $100.  I feel like I might deal with heels for these (they also come in a berry pink).

Phone cases made from Jenny Vorwaller's art.  We have tentative plans to switch carriers, and I'm waiting for the iPhone 5.  But if that requires a new case this will be it as soon as they make them.

Gum paste hearts make for possibly the cutest cake on the planet.  $24 from Signe Sugar.

I'm a tray addict.  They're my favorite thing from corralling things that the cats like to knock off the bedside tables.  This floral one would bring some color and cheer to my bedside table for $34.

Besides pink and red, I'm also obsessed with hearts.  This Andy Warhol print would satisfy all of those at once.

And while we're on the subject of prints, how about this one from Christopher Wool.  It's sold out, but that shock of color would be such a great shot of color.

Maybe I'll get tired of this quickly, but maybe pink is here to stay.  I'm trying not to make rash decisions, like the previously mentioned painting my bedroom pink.  But there is currently a pink house for sale in our dream neighborhood, and I would be lying if I said the color didn't scream IT'S PERFECT at me when I drive by on my way to yoga.

For the short term, I desperately want some new art to go over our bed, so I'm going to be painting something that would fit right in this post.  And I'm hoping I can raid my fabric stash to make some throw pillows that will wake up the place.  We also have a print I made in our kitchen that's in the blue family (it says "I love you like biscuits and gravy").  Cute, but I'm tired of it and I don't even like biscuits and gravy.  So I've made a replacement that's a cute printed version of Brett's great grandmother's cornbread recipe.  In pink.  A little something for both of us.  Win win?