Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thirty before 30: two months in

I thought I would give a quick update on how I'm doing and how I feel about my "life list."

When I started the list, I had 36 months to complete, and thirty tasks.  So I'm attempting to go at a pace of one a month.  Of course, some of them will take more time than others.  But here's a quick update.

1.  write a letter to my grandmother every month

I am LOVING this.  We've exchanged two letters so far and she'll get another from me next week.  She's telling me stories about when she was growing up, and I look forward to reading it each time.  I have big plans for this, but it's a surprise.

2.  make a quilt

Um, the pieces are cut.  No more progress.

3.  make a beautiful piece of art

I've been practicing my watercolors and have all the supplies!

10.  climb a mountain trail

Okay, I intended this one to mean planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains with Brett and hiking up one of the smaller trails with Brett.  I never planned on seeing the things I saw last week.  So while I didn't CLIMB the 14,000 foot peaks we saw, I am checking this one off.  Because those experiences were all I was looking for and more.  Done!

Post about this one to come.

11.  see Lady Gaga in concert

US tour starts like next month, and tickets go on pre-sale next week!  I'm planning on seeing it in St. Louis with another Gaga super fan, my mom.  Which brings me to...

13.  travel somewhere with my mom

So we'll be spending a long weekend in St. Louis together in January.  We had so much fun last weekend maybe we'll plan something else too!

19.  frame family photos in a beautiful way

Have the pictures, just need to decide how I want to do it and get the frames. I'll probably add some pictures from our trip this week too!

22.  get rid of the clutter

Working on it.  Our kitchen is SO much better organized now it's ridiculous.  And my closet too.  We also got rid of cable/satellite (which is kind of like mental clutter?) and were able to get rid of some living room furniture which I am loving.

23.  stop biting my nails - for good!

This is hard.  If I have a manicure I can do it.  Otherwise they're in my mouth.  Gross.

24.  get my Six Sigma Green Belt certification

I passed my test!  Just working on the paperwork!  Whooooooooooo!!!!!!

27.  donate $1000 to charity

I'm trying to decided what to do about this one.  I don't think I was really thinking when I set this goal.  I guess I was thinking that it would be fun to write a $1000 check all at once to a charity.  But the reality is that over three years or even over a year this is not really a lofty goal for me.  So this one is likely to change to a different, but related goal.